The Volunteer Bond was implemented by LMHA to encourage all Association families to become actively involved in the operation and success of our Association. As a community based minor hockey organization, LMHA is almost entirely dependent on volunteer participation to run effectively, not only at the team level but at an Association level therefore rely heavily on volunteers. We recognize that not every family has the time, hockey experience, or skills to assist in a full-time volunteer position such as a Head Coach, Team Manager, or Board Member; however, there are many other roles within LMHA that contribute to the success of our Association. The Volunteer Bond Program was introduced to encourage and allow all members to step forward and get involved in some capacity.

It is not the goal of LMHA to use the Volunteer Bond to generate revenue; it is the goal of LMHA to encourage members to be involved in their players’ hockey experience. Any funds generated by the Association from the Volunteer Bond will be used in the day-to-day operation of LMHA.

The Volunteer Bond requirement is a minimum of four (4) Association level volunteer hours and the deposit is assessed at $150 per family. The deposit will be provided by way of a cheque made out to LMHA, post-dated to April 1st for the year ending the current season. Your team manager will collect Volunteer Bond cheques upon request by LMHA.

Please note that Under-6 Families and 3rd Year Under-18 Families (who do not have siblings in other Divisions) are not required to participate in the Volunteer Bond Program however we do encourage all families to get involved.

There is an OPT-OUT option at the time of registration for members that do not want to volunteer for LMHA during the season, but we hope that you don't chose that option! There are also very important Team level volunteer roles that while they don't count towards the Volunteer Bond, they are crucial to ensuring a rewarding season for everyone involved. The bottom line is that a successful season counts on a team effort!

For further details on which volunteer roles are Association level, which are Team level, and the required per family commitment, please review the information found below:

Volunteer Bond Roles (2)
Roles that do not fulfill VB


Thank you for volunteering!!!  We thank you in advance for assisting us in tracking your hours as quickly and accurately as possible. Please read each question carefully. Upon completing this form, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your submission. If you have made an error or missed something, you will have the option to edit your submission.

For questions related to the Volunteer Bond program and/or the tracking form below, please email: info@langleyminorhockey.ca

Volunteer Tracking
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LMHA will communicate volunteer opportunities through-out the season via email and via the website. Each family is responsible to sign up for shifts to fulfill their required bond hours. LMHA recommends that you do not leave your volunteering to the end of the season as opportunities are available on a first come, first served basis and only so many spots will be required at each event.

All families are required to complete a minimum of four (4) hours for the current season. Volunteer hours cannot be carried over into another season. By signing up for a shift during the season, your family is committing to fulfill that shift for LMHA. Failure to show up for a shift, or provide a suitable replacement, will be deemed as a “no-show” and your deposit cheque will be cashed unless in the case of extenuating circumstances, it is deemed by LMHA that you were unable to attend or had insufficient time to cover your shift.


Each family is responsible to track its approved volunteer hours. Remember to sign-up!! Upon completion of your volunteer shift, please report your hours via the link below. This link will be used for every shift you volunteer for. If you are an approved team official or board member, you must also complete the form found in the link below once at the start of the season to receive credit for completing your season volunteer requirements.

LMHA will cross reference the tracking reports with the volunteer sign-in sheet available onsite at each event. Once LMHA has approved and determined that your Volunteer Bond requirement has been fulfilled, you will be removed from the volunteer mailing list and your post-dated cheque will be destroyed.