Langley Minor Hockey Association is proud to offer a wide range of in-season Development resources and opportunities to athletes of all ages and categories in order to improve their on-ice abilities and enhance their experience of hockey. Our Association is committed to providing each Athlete with the required development and support in order for them to reach their potential and goals as an athlete and hockey player. 


For players that have never played organized hockey, LMHA, in partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL), National Hockey League Players Association (NHLPA), and Bauer Hockey, is offering the First Shift Program this season. The First Shift Program is an introductory hockey program that provides the participants with a complete set of Bauer Hockey equipment and a series of ice times to learn and develop the fundamental skills of hockey and assist in their transition to playing organized hockey the following year. 


Development for LMHA-registered athletes begins in Under-7 (2018 + 2017 birth years) and Under-9 (2016 + 2015 birth years) with regularly scheduled Development Sessions with LMHA-appointed Development Coaches. These sessions focus on the individual development of each athlete and are designed to teach the skills as outlined in Hockey Canada's Core Skills for the respective age group. 


For athletes in Under-11, Under-13, and Under-15 'C' Hockey, Development sessions will be scheduled with LMHA-appointed Development Coaches in order to work with each participant in the development of their technical skills, as outlined in the Hockey Canada Core Skills for their respective age-group. 


In the 'A' Hockey Division, each 'A' Team will receive a Development Schedule which includes: 10 Player (Forward/Defense) Skill Development Sessions with a Development Coach, 10 Goalie Development Sessions with a Goalie Development Coach, 20 Off-Ice (Dryland) Sessions with a Strength and Conditioning Coach, as well as receive access to a digital platform where all of their team's game film will be stored and available on demand for Coaches and athletes. 


LMHA Goaltenders in both 'C' and 'A' Hockey (Under-9, Under-11, Under-13, Under-15, Under-18) are able to register for LMHA's Goalie Development sessions, which run throughout the season. Each session is run by a minimum of five Goalie Development Coaches and is limited to 20 goaltenders per session to ensure a suitable athlete-to-instructor ratio.  


In addition to all of the Development opportunities offered to LMHA teams and Athletes, if Members are looking for additional Development support LMHA offers a number of Pay-Per-Use (PPU) Clinics that athletes can register for. 

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