LMHA Board of Directors 2019-20

* Please do not contact multiple Board Members with the same request or question.

If you are unsure who to contact please contact  info@langleyminorhockey.ca.



 President (Acting) Michelle Cowan  president@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Past President * Aaron Sproule
 VP Administration Shelley Rosner  vpadministration@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Administrator * Jennifer Kingwell  info@langleyminorhockey.ca 
 Secretary Tricia Leeb-Anderson  secretary@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Treasurer Natalee Letawsky  treasurer@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Registrar Shelley Rosner  registrar@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Special Events * Vacant  specialevents@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Tournaments * Vacant  tournaments@langleyminorhockey.ca
 VP Operations Michelle Cowan  vpoperations@langleyminorhockey.ca
 VP Human Resources & Risk Management Steve Kooner  riskmanager@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Director, Coach and Player Development * Jordan Emmerson  hockeyoperations@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Ice Allocator * Byron Lazar  iceallocator@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Referee-In-Chief * Marc Mercier  refereeinchief@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Equipment Manager * Tyler Smith  equipment@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Competitve Director (Peewee to Juvenile) Ted Whitfield  competitivedirector@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Development Director (Initiation to Atom) Dave Duffill  developmentdirector@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Coach Coordinator * Vacant  coachcoordinator1@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Under 7 Manager (Includes U6 & U7) Todd Mclaren  under7@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Under 9 Manager (Includes U8 & U9) Annika Janssens  under9@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Under 11 Manager Maxime Spakowski  under11@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Under 13 Manager Les Torok  under13@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Under 15 Manager Grant Wilkins  under15@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Under 18 Manager (Includes U18 & U21) Mike Parkinson  under18@langleyminorhockey.ca
 Referee Assignor * Roberta Mercier  refassignor@langleyminorhockey.ca



** Denotes a non-voting position on the Board of Directors.