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Transferring Player Registration

Welcome to Langley Minor Hockey! Please read this page prior to beginning your Transferring Player Pre-Registration in order to ensure you have all the required documents before you proceed. All Player Movement must be approved by the PCAHA. We encourage you to submit your pre-registration documents as soon as you receive your 2023 Property Tax Statement.

This process is for players who are TRANSFERRING to LMHA from another Minor Hockey Association. 

Click HERE to review our 2023 FAQ Fast Facts and FAQ's for transferring players!

Transferring Player Pre-Registration Checklist

Before beginning your transferring player pre-registration, please have the following items saved electronically on your computer as you will need to upload them during your application. (You can download and complete PCAHA Form #141 and #133 by clicking on the links below). A PDF copy is the best format. We recommend registrants download the FREE app called Genius Scan to their mobile device to ensure you submit quality copies of your documents in PDF format. There are a total of five (5) items which are required for pre-registration.

*Please DO NOT submit incomplete applications or substitute your application with a 2022 Property Tax Statement. This WILL delay the process for your player. Waiting until you have received your 2023 Property Tax Statement WILL NOT change your place in the queue.

Please read below for details on which TWO (2) documents are required to complete Proof of Residency:

DOCUMENT 1 - Must be ONE of the following:

  • HOMEOWNERS - 2023 Property Tax Notice - Please note we cannot accept your Property Assessment. If you have not received your 2023 Property Tax Notice, please wait to submit your application until you have received it. A copy of the FULL page including the address at the top and the bottom of the page must be submitted.
  • RENTERS - Current Lease or Rental Agreement - We require a copy of the full document including ALL pages and signatures.

DOCUMENT 2 - Must be ONE of the following:

  • Current hydro, gas, water, cable, satellite, or phone bill
  • Proof of Home or Rental Insurance (structure/contents insurance)
  • GST Statement or Income Tax Assessment
  • BC Medical Statement
  • School Registration (confirming child's primary address)
  • Vehicle Insurance Papers & Corresponding Drivers License

* Statements must be no more than TWO months old.


Once you have these documents ready, you can proceed with the required Transferring Player Pre-Registration Application by clicking on the blue button at the bottom of this page.

Pre-Registration is required for ALL transferring Players. You will not be able to complete 2023/24 Season registration if you skip the above steps. Upon completing your Transferring Player Pre-Registration, you will be provided with further details via email to finalize your registration after June 1, 2023.

If you have any further questions please contact the LMHA Registrar