Interested in Volunteering as a Team Official with LMHA?

All individuals who are interested in Volunteering as a Team Official with the Langley Minor Hockey Association (LMHA) for the upcoming hockey season (2021/22) are required to complete certifications as outlined below prior to being rostered to a team.  These are BC Hockey requirements and we encourage you to get your certifications completed PRIOR to the start of the season where ever possible.

Please click to review the LMHA - Team Official Code of Conduct document.

What team positions require certification?
*Coach/Assistant Coach - please visit the "apply to coach" page for more detailed info on coaching certification.
*On-Ice Volunteer

What certification are required to be a team official in LMHA?
As per BC Hockey, each and every team official, regardless of their level, is required to hold valid certifications as follows:

  • Criminal Record Check (CRC).  This is required every three years.  There is no cost.  The Criminal Records Review Program has made numerous changes to the process in order to enforce a streamlined submission procedure for all organizations. Fortunately, applicants can now once again complete this process online. Please see details below:

There is a new applicant-based online service (eCRC) using the BC Services Card as Electronic Identity Verification (EIV). If the applicant is using the BC Services Card to access the online service for first time, they will be directed to activate their card by video or in person through Service BC.

Upon completing your CRC online, all applicants must provide the LMHA Administrator with a copy of their service #. Please either print the page, screenshot, or copy and paste this service # and email to including your full name and DOB. If you are unable to complete your CRC online, please click HERE to contact our Administrator and arrange for LMHA to submit your CRC manually.

It is extremely important that members use the same spelling of their name, as noted in the Hockey Canada database, when registering for clinics. This is to avoid creating a duplicate profile. An example of this would be if you are registered in HCR as Johnny Hockey, please do not use John Hockey when registering for clinics.

  • Respect in Sport - ACTIVITY LEADER (RIS).  This is required every five years.  It is an online course that LMHA will reimburse you for provided complete the course and you are rostered to a team.  To register for RIS, visit here.
  • Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT).  Currently, there is no expiry date on this course.  It is available online and is free.  To register for CATT, visit here.

All of these courses should be complete and current prior to the start of the season.

What do I do if I do not have an HCR (Hockey Canada) profile?
If you have never played minor hockey or been a team official before, you will likely not have your own HCR profile.  Please do not register for courses under your players name but rather email the Administrator with your full name, date of birth, mailing address, contact number and email address and we will set this up BEFORE you begin your certifications.  Your profile will be created and then you will be provided with your HCR number to move forward with your certifications.

Are you a NEW or TRANSFERRING LMHA team official and do not have a Hockey Canada profile in LMHA's HCR?
If this is the case, please complete the form found in the link below. This information will be used to create your Hockey Canada profile OR to transfer your profile to LMHA.  NEW and TRANSFERRING Team Officials

What is the HCSP and what is involved?
To be an Hockey Canada Safety Person, an extra online course is required.  Every team requires a safety person in order to be eligible to practice and play games.  To register to take the course, please visit BC Hockey Clinics.

What happens next?  How do I help out my team?
Once your player is on a team for the season, approach your Coach and let them know that you are willing to help out for the season as a team official.  If a position is available, your information will then be submitted to LMHA by the Head Coach of Manager for rostering.  All certification must be completed in order to be eligible to be rostered.  And you must be rostered to be eligible for any role on a team.

Is there a cost to be certified?
The CRC and the CATT program are free of charge.  Both the Respect in Sport and the HCSP course do come with a small cost.  That being said, LMHA will reimburse team officials for these costs once they are rostered to a team and a proper reimbursement request has been submitted.

How do I go about getting reimbursed for a certification?
If you took a Clinic during the 2021/22 Season and are rostered to an LMHA team, you will be reimbursed upon CERTIFICATION.

Please paste the link below into your browser and complete the form by December 15th to request your reimbursement:

In your submission, you will be asked to include...

  • Name, Mailing Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Clinic Certificate of Completion, Dated Receipt

*Once a reimbursement request is received, LMHA will confirm that you are rostered to an LMHA team.  LMHA will then contact you when your cheque is ready.  Please allow a minimum of sixty (60) days for the cheque to be processed.

You MUST have a valid Criminal Record Check (CRC), Respect in Sport (RIS), and Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT)  Hockey BEFORE LMHA will roster you to a team.

*This information is subject to change.