Interested in Volunteering as a Team Official?

THANK YOU for investing your time and effort to provide a great experience for the players! LMHA could not do this without the support of volunteers like you! Please read the details below carefully. There is a different process to follow for NEW and RETURNING Team Officials


  • Members who are interested in volunteering as a Team Official with the Langley Minor Hockey Association (LMHA) for the upcoming hockey season are required to complete certifications as outlined on our website. These certifications are BC Hockey requirements and until you are fully certified and officially rostered to a team, you are ineligible to participate with the team. There are no exceptions as this process is for insurance purposes.
  • The Head Coach must ensure that the name(s) of ALL team officials are on the team's official Hockey Canada Roster (HCR) before participating with the team. Being added to the TeamSnap roster does NOT make a team official eligible.
  • We encourage you to get your certifications completed PRIOR to the start of the season to avoid a delay in being eligible to participate with the team. This includes a valid CRC, current RIS - Activity Leader, and CATT. Coaching courses will not be available until the Fall.
  • It is extremely important that you follow the LMHA Team Official Checklist step by step, as outlined below to avoid a delay in getting rostered and participating with the team.

Are you a RETURNING LMHA Team Official who was rostered to a team as a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager, HCSP, or On-Ice Volunteer in the past season? If so and if you would like LMHA to verify your certifications, please click on the image below and complete our quick form.

Do you have a Hockey Canada Profile? If you ever played minor hockey, for the ASHL, or volunteered as a team official in ANY Minor Hockey Association - YES you do!

  • If you are a first time Hockey Canada volunteer and you have NEVER played minor hockey, we need to create your Hockey Canada ID BEFORE you complete your Criminal Record Check, Respect in Sport - Activity Leader, and CATT. There is a link below to provide us the information we need to create your HC ID. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for our Administrator to contact you with your profile and provide you with the next steps..
  • If you HAVE played minor hockey before or have been a rostered team official with any Minor Hockey Association, we need to TRANSFER your profile to our database. There is a link below to provide us the information we need to transfer your Hockey Canada profile to LMHA..

How do I complete my Criminal Record Check, Respect in Sport - Activity Leader & Concussion Awareness?


As per BC Hockey, each and every team official, regardless of their level, is required to hold valid certifications as follows:

  • Criminal Record Check (CRC) is required every three years. There is no cost. It is extremely important that you take a screenshot or print your confirmation of completing your CRC. It can take weeks for Criminal Record Checks to be returned to LMHA and we can only roster officials who are at minimum "Pending (Receipt Received). Click on the CRC button below and use ACCESS CODE: 8PPB7KPFJM - Upon completing your CRC online, all applicants must provide the LMHA Administrator with a copy of their service #. Please print the page, screenshot, or copy and paste this service # and email to including your full name and DOB.
  • If for whatever reason you are unable to complete the online process, please email: if you need to complete an in-person CRC.
  • Respect in Sports (RIS) - Activity Leader is required every five years. It is an online course that LMHA will reimburse you for provided you complete the course and you are rostered to a team. Click on the RIS button below!
  • Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) currently does not expire. It is available online and is free. Click on the CATT button below!

All of the above courses MUST be complete and current prior to the start of the season in order to be rostered to a team on the official Hockey Canada Roster (HCR) and be eligible to participate with any team. There are no exceptions!

When you register for any course, please ensure that you use the NAME that is consistent with your HRC profile - if you do not, your course will not be loaded to your profile! Example: If your profile is Michael Smith, do not use Mike Smith.

Which Coaching Certifications are required for a Head Coach or an Assistant Coach in each Division? In addition to a current CRC, Respect in Sport - Activity Leader, and CATT, coaches must ensure that they are certified at the level of their team prior to the start of the season OR register and complete the applicable coaching course in advance of the BC Hockey deadline. Clinics fill up quickly so please remain up-to-date!

Coaching Certification Chart