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LMHA Ice Allocator - Byron Lazar

Please ensure you are aware of the LMHA Ice Allocation Policy before buying/selling/trading ice:

Ice Allocation Policy

The ice allocated to all teams is the property of the Langley Minor Hockey Association (“LMHA”) and the teams have the privilege of using the ice assigned/allocated to them. LMHA expects all ice assigned/allocated to be used. LMHA DOES NOT want ice sitting empty at any time. The average cost of a sheet of ice without subsidy is about $350.00 per hour.

U11 to U21 teams are permitted to sell or trade their assigned/allocated ice up until 48 hours prior to the ice time in question. Initiation teams (U6 to U9) must return their ice to the division manager.

If the ice remains unsold or has not been traded at that time, then the team must decide to either use the ice or return it to the LMHA Ice Allocator. The Ice Allocator will then send an email notification to all registered teams that the ice is available at no charge. This is to ensure the ice does not go unused.

No team is permitted to sell, trade or in any way forfeit LMHA ice to any team (regular season or Spring) outside of LMHA.  The use of LMHA ice by a non-LMHA team can result in a permanent loss of our ice subsidy. This loss would result in a substantial increase in registration fees to cover the cost of ice in the Association.

If any team is proven to be in the process of selling, or have sold LMHA ice to any non-LMHA team or Association the first offense will be a team fine of $1,000.00. A second offense will result in the responsible team official being suspended at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Only LMHA rostered coaches/teams can purchase LMHA ice. The coach(s) must be present and on the ice adhering to all LMHA rules and policies. All players must be LMHA rostered and in full gear. Any violation of this may result in disciplinary action.

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Weekly Spare Ice

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