LMHA A-Division Hockey Program

Welcome to the LMHA Rep Evaluation Page for the 2020/21 Season

Please contact your Division Managers with any questions that you have throughout the evaluation process.

Please check the website regularly. Information will continue to be updated as we approach the Rep Evaluations and schedules are finalized.

Please note that all schedules are SUBJECT TO CHANGE and the LMHA website is your best source for updates.

All participants are required to stay up-to-date with the most recent Return-to-Play and Covid-19 Safety Protocols. Please visit our Return-to-Play Resource Page frequently and ensure 100 % compliance.

Resource Documents and Announcements

  • IMPORTANT: Click HERE to review our Check-in Protocols for Goalie Skills and Combine (September.11.2020)
  • IMPORTANT: Click HERE to review Langley MHA Protocol for Combine Testing.
  • Goalie Rep Evaluation Schedule for Under-11 / Under-13 / Under-15 / Under-18 is NOW available. Please click on your Division tab for more information. All Goalie Evaluations are on Saturday, September 12th at Langley Sportsplex.
  • Player Combine Groups and Schedule for for Under-11 / Under-13 / Under-15 are NOW available. Please click on your Division tab for more information. Combine for applicable divisions is running on Sunday, September 13th at Langley Sportsplex.
  • Under-18 groups for Rep Evaluation participants is coming soon...
  • Rep Evaluation Process document is coming soon..
  • Please visit our Return-to-Play Resource page frequently for updates. LMHA has a zero-tolerance policy for non-compliance with respect to all RTP protocol. 
  • All posted schedules are subject-to-change. As a courtesy, LMHA will attempt to send email notifications however it is the responsibility of the member to visit their Division page frequently.

What is Combine Testing?

For the 2020/21 Season, Combine Testing is only applicable to the Under-11, Under-13, and Under-15 Divisions.

The video below is a sample of Combine Testing.  This is NOT reflective of the exact drills that will be used in the LMHA Rep Evaluations.

The Drills

Sprint Test: To evaluate directional acceleration and overall speed.

  • Forward without Puck
  • Backward without Puck
  • Forward with Puck
  • Backward with Puck

Reaction Test: To evaluate reaction time and lateral agility.

  • Reaction without Puck
  • Reaction with Puck

Weave Agility: To evaluate forward acceleration, agility and ability to maintain speed while performing multi-directional movements.

  • Weave Agility without Puck
  • Weave Agility with Puck

Transition Agility: To evaluate agility and directional transitions from forward to backward skating.

  • Transition Agility without Puck
  • Transition Agility with Puck