Hello Families,
Thank you for your patience as we work as quickly as possible to launch our ‘C’ Hockey Division for the 2022-23 Season. Details on where and when to find your practice group assignment and practice group schedule is below.
U11 ‘C’ through U18 ‘C’ Families will be able to see their practice groups and schedule on the ‘C’ – House Division hockey page by noon on Sunday, September 11th. (Some Divisions are already posted but if your Division is not yet posted, please check frequently and continue to refresh the page). Please contact your respective Division Manager should you not find your player’s name assigned to a practice group after noon on Sunday, September 11th. The ‘C’ – House Division Hockey page is found HERE
IMPORTANT: Your practice group assignment may or may not be the same as your final team placement. LMHA is hosting the ‘C’ Hockey Draft on Thursday, September 22nd. After the draft, your Head Coach will reach out via email with an introduction and your next ice time. LMHA will roster all players in TeamSnap as quickly as possible so please continue to check back for your team by refreshing the TeamSnap app.
There are numerous tasks to accomplish both at a Team level and at an Association level. It is also important that members are aware of which volunteer roles count towards the Volunteer Bond and which do not. Full details can be found on the Volunteer Bond Page of our website. Please review carefully and note that this season, the minimum requirement per family has changed from six (6) to four (4) for the season. That is not to say that we don’t want to see our members involved as much as they can be!
If you are wanting to become a Team Official, it is important that you are fully aware of the required certifications. We have outlined the step-by-step process HERE. If you volunteer to step up as a Team Manager, we have just launched our Manager Resources page to make your season start up run as smoothly as possible. Take me to the Manager Resources Page!
As we pivot through the season, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Division Manager with questions if you cannot find the answers on our website. We are here to help!
Under-11: under-11@langleyminorhockey.ca
Under-13: under-13@langleyminorhockey.ca
Under-15: under-15@langleyminorhockey.ca
Under-18: under-18@langleyminorhockey.ca

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