Hello LMHA Rep Evaluation Families,

We are now officially at the start of the 2022-23 Season and would like to wish all players the best of luck going into the LMHA Rep Evaluations! We encourage all players to work hard, do your best, and have fun. It is so good to be back playing the game we love.

LMHA would like to take the time to outline a few housekeeping items to ensure the process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible for all participants.

  • Players must check in with their Division Manager for all Phase One ice times between 30 – 45 minutes prior to the start of the ice time. Please do not arrive more than 45 minutes early to avoid crowding in the lobby and to align with our volunteer supervision times in the dressing rooms.
  • Under no circumstances is a member to approach or communicate with any Evaluators or LMHA appointed Head Coaches throughout the entire Rep Evaluation process. Please ensure all communication is directed to your respective Division Manager.
  • Volunteers must check in and out before and after their shift. This is to receive your volunteer lanyard and return it back to LMHA. Lanyards are assigned by number, so it is important it is returned after each shift.
  • Volunteers also must log their volunteer hours after each shift. We thank you in advance for completing this task which will facilitate the tracking and recording of your Volunteer Bond hours. The tracking form can be found near the bottom of the LMHA Rep Evaluation page.
  • As a reminder to all parents / guardians, LMHA has a No Spectator Policy for Phase One of our Rep Evaluations. To review the details of this policy, please click HERE.
  • The best way that you can support is to volunteer during Rep Evaluations. There are still numerous volunteer opportunities available, and we sincerely hope that you will review them and sign up. A reminder that Rep Evaluation sessions with insufficient volunteers will not begin until such time as volunteers are available. Please visit the Rep Evaluation page for your Division to sign up. Please note that given the majority of our participants are male, we require that our Dressing Room Monitors are also male. Please take your time when signing up for volunteer shifts. LMHA will not make any adjustments to the schedule after Thursday, August 25th meaning that if you make a mistake or need to cancel, it is your responsibility to cover the shift and advise your Division Manager of who will take your place.

Thank you and once again, GOOD LUCK to all participants!


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