Hello LMHA Families,

We look forward to opening our 2022/23 Season Registration TODAY, Sunday May 15th at 9 am. The links to register returning players between U7 and U21 will be live at the bottom of our 2022/23 Season Registration Page shortly. Please note that there is a separate link for U21, and for this Division, we are currently only accepting U21 ‘C’ registration.

IMPORTANT – It has been brought to our attention that Hockey Canada now requires all MHA’s to validate each members date of birth and proof of residency for the 2022/23 Season. For this reason, members will be required to upload the following two (2) documents with their TeamSnap registration:

Registrant’s Birth Certificate – (Per Registrant)

Hockey Canada requires all members to verify their date of birth by way of uploading the registrant’s Birth Certificate. A passport may also be submitted in the absence of the player’s birth certificate.

Proof of Residence – (Per Registration Form)

Hockey Canada requires the Parent / Guardian to provide one (1) Proof of Residency document being either of the following:

  • Parent Guardian Driver’s License with current address.
  • Utility Bill that is no more than two (2) with current address.

The documents must clearly show the Parent / Guardian’s name and residential address. A PDF, JPG, or PNG document will be accepted.

Thank you and please contact info@langleyminorhockey.ca with questions.


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