Update from our Executive Director of Hockey

Hello LMHA,

We hope you are enjoying many memorable, relaxing, and fun summer days! The start of the hockey season is just around the corner, and LMHA can hardly wait to welcome you back to the ice! We are excited to share with you an update from our Executive Director, Whitney Juszkiewicz…

“It has been a great start to Summer, and we have been hard at work creating some awesome development sessions to help offer everything you could need to get ready for the coming season. It is a great opportunity for players to get back on the ice, reconnect with teammates, sharpen skills, and meet some of our new and returning coaches and developers! Our first week starts with Skating & Scoring and Powerskating. Players will work on individual specific skills to become more effective in the game. The second week offers position specific skills so players can take the time to ask questions and fine tune the concepts needed for their position, whether they be a forward, defenseman, or goalie! Next up is week three with clinics that will help with checking skills. Half the battle is getting possession of the puck and these sessions are geared at increasing your competitive edge to up your game effectiveness! We want to offer players the opportunity to work on those techniques in a fun yet competitive environment. Finally, week four is our prep week prior to the start of Rep Evaluations. We have ramped up the speed and are offering sessions that will condition and have players ready for tryouts. During week four, we are also offering sessions for our U6-U9 players both returning & new-to-hockey. These sessions will be jam packed with fun in a positive and constructive learning environment. In addition, this season LMHA has adapted the Hockey Canada U11 Pathway program and have added a week five specifically for our U11 players, both recreational & competitive. The focus of these sessions is to learn full ice concepts and work on conditioning prior to transitioning to the full ice game.

Our pre-season development sessions aim to provide everything our players need to be confident and prepared for an exciting Return-to-Hockey. Get back on the ice with us and be ready for your season! If you haven’t already, jump online and get registered today! Program descriptions and coaching assignments are available at the bottom of this email.

It is an honour to be part of such a great Association and I look forward to working with and meeting members around the rink & community soon.”

In the Journey of Experience,

Whitney Juszkiewicz

Executive Director, LMHA

Skating & Scoring Techniques:

The week of August 3-7, 2021, train with Luke Kasteel of LightSteel Hockey on offensive tactics, and techniques that help them create offensive opportunities and put more pucks in the net. This is done by teaching elite stick handling, fakes, and game-specific moves, along with shooting mechanics and control techniques used by NHL players to get shots through and open up holes in the goaltender’s armour. Endorsed by Vancouver’s three best goalie schools, Luke has spent years learning how goalies move, read, and think in order to exploit them!


During the week of August 3-7, 2021, Whitney Juszkiewicz from Fire and Ice Hockey will work on the foundations of skating needed to excel at your game. Whitney is a Hockey Canada Skills instructor who has experience working with players helping them reach the next level in their game. Be prepared to fine tune your skating so you can take your game to the next level!

Goalie Techniques & Skills:

Throughout the month of August, come out and work with Harry Fredeman and the staff of Stage One Goaltending on lateral efficiency, dynamic foundational tools, and freedom of style. Their approach to teaching the game of hockey and the position of goaltender is fun and effective for all who participate.

Skating & Puck FUNdamentals:

Have FUN working on foundational skills with coach Paul Whintors. Paul has a great foundation in skating and puck techniques needed to enjoy and be effective in the game at an early age.

Defensive & Offensive Skills & Strategies:

This August 9-13, 2021, come work with coaches Mark Soares, Paul Whintors, and Jake Gushue on position specifics that will help you prepare to excel this season. These coaches have years of experience helping players reach their full potential.

Checking & Competitive Strategies:

During the week of August 16-20, 2021, work with coaches Mark Soares, Paul Whintors, and Jake Gushue on techniques and skills to gain possession and control of the puck. Winning battles takes more than effort, so come out and learn the skills needed to get that puck and make a difference on your team.

Full Ice Concepts & Strategies:

Work with coach Paul Whintors on concepts for Full Ice Hockey. Moving from cross ice hockey to full ice hockey can be intimidating so working with coaches on learning those concepts will help players make the transition. This camp is great for Competitive & Recreational stream players.

Rep Conditioning & Skills:

Coaches Mark Soares, Jake Gushue, and Paul Whintors push players in speed and techniques to get them ready for tryouts. Work on all skating & puck exercises that use the full ice to help players get conditioned for their season.

Hockey First Strides:

Wanna play hockey this Season! Get out on the ice with coach Paul Whintors from Complex Hockey and fall in love with this amazing game. Work through exercises that help players become more familiar on the ice and gain confidence with each and every stride.

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