IMPORTANT: LMHA Event Health Screening Process

Hello LMHA Families,

Please review this very important addition to our Covid-19 Safety protocol.

This new event health screening process does not replace the TeamSnap Health Check for LMHA rostered players and officials. LMHA players and officials are only required to complete the TeamSnap Health Check as per usual. Full details on the additional requirements and when it is applicable are below.


Langley Minor Hockey Association requires all non-rostered attendees to complete our new health screening process prior to each event and when applicable. This process is effective immediately.

This health screening form must be completed at least one hour prior to attending all LMHA events. Non-rostered attendees include: Visiting Team Players / Officials, Scorekeepers, Timekeepers, Referees, Development Coaches, On-Ice Volunteers, (for the purpose of team practices) and Parents/Guardians of LMHA players in U6 through U9 (who are permitted access to the applicable facility). Please only complete this form on the day of the event. Forms which are not completed on the same day of the event will not be accepted. Incomplete information will also not be accepted and access to the facility will not be granted. Upon completion of this form, an email will be sent to you. Attendees must be prepared to present their Health Screening form to the LMHA HCSP and/or Team Manager for verification and clearance. All health and travel related questions must be answered as a NO in order for you to attend the event.

Click below to access the link to the LMHA Event Health Screening form and save it to your phone for quick access:


Thank you!



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