A1 Coaching Announcements / 2019 AGM Highlights / EXCITING News

Hello LMHA Members,


Please take the time to read this entire email. There are lots of important details and exciting news!



LMHA is pleased to announce the following appointments:

Atom A1 – Benn Olson
Peewee A1 – Paul Whintors
Bantam A1 – Cary Sutter
Midget A1 – Matt Denton
Juvenile A1 – Larry Spady



LMHA is currently accepting applications for Rep Teams (A2-A4), our C-Division, and Novice and Initiation Division Teams. Thank you to the many of you that have already applied, LMHA will be in touch over the next month!  If you haven’t submitted your application yet, please do so soon! We will be interviewing for Rep Coach positions through-out July.  For more information on Coaching in Langley or to apply, visit our Coaching Page.  Please ensure that all your credentials are current prior to the season starting!



On Friday June 21, 2019, LMHA hosted our Annual General Meeting at the Langley Township Civic Facility Building. A big thank you to all of those who attended!


The Board of Directors would like to welcome back the following Directors and thank them in advance for their dedication to Langley Minor Hockey Association:

  • Michelle Cowan
  • Dave Duffill
  • Steve Kooner
  • Shelley Rosner
  • Aaron Sproule
  • Les Torok
  • Grant Wilkins


In order to start the season, LMHA requires at least two more Directors as well as other members to take on committee responsibilities and/or non-voting roles. We are looking for organized and motivated people who want to volunteer their time for the betterment of the sport of hockey and for the enjoyment of our members.  If this is you, please submit your expression of interest today!



This season LMHA is implementing a Volunteer Bond Program to encourage all Association families, from Initiation through to Midget, to become actively involved in the operation and success of our Association. As a community based minor hockey organization, LMHA is almost entirely dependent on volunteer participation to run effectively, not only at the team level but at an Association level and, thus, rely heavily on volunteers. We recognize that most families do not have the time, hockey experience or skills to assist in a full-time volunteer position however, there are many other roles within LMHA that contribute to the success of our Association and this program is meant to encourage and allow all members to step forward and get involved in some capacity.


Some highlights of the program include:

  • $150 per FAMILY per season
  • Six volunteer hours per FAMILY over the course of the season
  • Tons of volunteer opportunities.

Stay tuned as more information will be distributed to the Membership in the coming weeks!



This season we are excited to announce that LMHA has won the bid to bring Operation Red Nose back to Langley!  Operation Red Nose provides rides to drivers and their passengers who feel unfit to drive for any reason – no questions asked – during the holiday season on Friday and Saturday nights during the holiday season (8-9 nights total). As an Association, we will run a call centre plus supply driving teams. Driving teams consist of one volunteer who will drive the participants vehicle, a second volunteer who will navigate, and a third volunteer who will follow in an escort vehicle to pick up the two volunteers once they dropped off the participant at their home. All rides are “by donation” to Operation Red Nose.


This is a huge opportunity for LMHA as 100% of the proceeds go right back into our Association… both the ride donations plus any corporate sponsorships that we are able to raise. It is also an opportunity for LMHA to give back to the Community of Langley.  LMHA will be putting a call out to fill some committees shortly as well as some other details about this exciting opportunity… so please give some your involvement some serious thought!  A great way to cover off your Volunteer Bond hours!  Our goal is to raise $25,000 for our Association this coming season.


Congratulations to our League and Playoff Winners

Atom A1 Flight 1 – Final Four

Atom A3 Flight 4 – Final Four

Atom A4 President Series 5

Atom C3 League Banner

Peewee C3 League Banner

Bantam C3 League Banner

Atom C2 Playoff Banner

Atom C4 Playoff Banner

Peewee C1 Playoff Banner

Bantam C4 Playoff Banner

Bantam C5 Playoff Banner

Midget C2 Playoff Banner

Midget C3 Playoff Banner

Midget C5 Playoff Banner


Congratulations to our Langley Cup Winners

Midget LY4

Bantam LY4

Peewee LY3

Atom LY1


A HUGE congratulations to our Juvenile A1 team for winning the Silver Medal at the BC Hockey Provincial Championships!!!


The LMHA Board of Directors thanks our many volunteers including our coaches, managers, team officials and others who have contributed to this success – thank you and well done!

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