Off-Season Development – Registration NOW OPEN

Hello LMHA Families,

LMHA is pleased to announce that our association will be providing Off-Season Development opportunities throughout the Spring and Summer months. The off-season is a time to work on refining and developing your hockey skills in preparation for the next season. Our programs will offer LMHA players the chance to work on power, speed, agility, puck skills and shooting techniques as well as much more! The LMHA goalies will also have the opportunity to fine tune their skills and learn new techniques to reach the next level in their goaltending abilities.

For players, these sessions will feature the Power Edge Pro System. Power Edge Pro is an on-ice player development system utilizing proprietary equipment and training patterns. The system focusses on Reactive Countering Training™, engaging multiple motor skills simultaneously to develop a player’s small area game performance. All patterns are completed while maintaining puck control and are designed to provide 5x as many repetitions as standard drill based practices, leading to faster development of elite skills. For goalies, these sessions will be run by Next Level Goaltending.

Please note: These programs are for LMHA players only (must have been registered last season). Full gear is required for all sessions. There are no refunds or pro-rating of program fees for missed sessions. All programs offered below require a minimum of 8 registered players.

Any questions can be directed to

Space is limited so we encourage you to register soon to guarantee your spot. Please click on the link below to register:

Off-Season Development Registration

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