IMPORTANT – TeamSnap / Hockey Canada ID / Off-Season Development

Hello LMHA Families,

Just a few quick end of the season notes which are extremely important:


Please do not retire from your 2018-19 team. LMHA will archive the season in time however if you retire from the team, you will no longer receive updates about upcoming events including early bird dates for 2019-20 Season Registration.

2019-20 Season Registration

TeamSnap and HCR have joined forces to make registration more convenient and ensure the process between registration and season start up is a seamless transition. LMHA will move forward with this new process for the 2019-20 Season. The most important aspect of the new process is that a members Hockey Canada ID number will be the link between the two platforms. You will not be able to register unless you know your Hockey Canada ID number. To avoid confusion and last-minute stress prior to registration deadlines, we request that you keep a record your players HCR #. If you are unaware of what your players Hockey ID # is, please follow the steps below:

1) You will find your Hockey ID # on your proof of registration receipt.

2) You will find your Hockey ID # in your eHockey account. To login, you will need to use the email address from the first time you registered for hockey (if you have not previously adjusted your login ID). Please CLICK HERE to login or create an eHockey AccountPlease login to check if your contact information is up to date.

3) Failing the above, your team manager can provide you with your Hockey Canada ID # found on the teams official HCR Roster. Please only request this information from your manager if you have attempted to source the number as noted above and have been unsuccessful.

Off-Season Development

We are excited to announce that LMHA will be offering Off-Season Development! The association will be providing Pay-Per-Use Off-Season Development opportunities throughout the Spring and Summer months. The Off-Season is a time to work on refining and developing your hockey skills in preparation for the next season. Our programs will offer LMHA players the chance to work on power, speed, agility, puck skills and shooting techniques as well as much more. These sessions will be a combination of Power Skating, Stride, Edge work, PEP, Shooting, and Puck Skills.LMHA goalies will also have the opportunity to fine tune their skills and learn new techniques to reach the next level in their goaltending abilities. The first term will begin in late April 2019.

Stay tuned for more information on Instructors and Registration details..

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