Photo Retakes and Important Reminders

To: LMHA Managers

CC: LMHA Executive


For any Teams that could not attend Photo Day this past weekend we have secured Monday, October 30th in the lobby of GPRC.

To sign up –

Password is –  dr1030gp

If you do not have a photo package with forms, please let me know.  Please have your team come dressed, arrive 20 minutes early and only bring their skates (and goalie gear for goalies) to put on at the arena.


BUDGETS – “A” team budgets were due by October 15th, “C” and Initiation teams are due October 30th.  Please email them to if you have not already.

IMPORTANT – There was incorrect information on the budget template some teams received.  For Initiation Teams the Jordan Owens Tournament cost is $900.  For C Teams we have increased the Langley Cup to $250 to closer align with the actual costs of hosting the tournament.

JERSEY DEPOSITS AND CODES OF CONDUCT – DUE OCTOBER 30th in your team folder of the manager mailbox.  Please have jersey deposit cheques dated April 1, 2018.


The Langley Rivermen are once again offering LMHA teams opportunities to participate in the 50/50, Mini Skate and Preston Team of the Game.  To sign up you can register here.


Just a reminder to check your file in the mailbox on a regular basis.  Mail goes into the file for the team / person it is intended for.  If you buy ice from PW A3, put the payment in their box not yours.  If you have mail for your division manager please put it in their box not your box. Please also follow the instructions on the box for opening it so as not to damage the mailbox.