To: LMHA Managers

CC: LMHA Division Managers

Thank you to everyone that came out this week to the manager meeting (and we are looking forward to seeing our H3/4 managers on Oct 10th).  The major points of discussion are covered in the Season Start up Checklist and the manager’s page of our website here.

A few other important points we wanted to remind everyone:

Manager Mailboxes

For Atom – Juvenile, the manager mailboxes are located outside the LMHA office at GPRC.  This is down the Rivermen Hallway and signage is now in place.  Please check your box regularly (code is 302).  Currently, any teams that did not attend the manager meeting have photo day forms and PCAHA rule books ready to pick up here.   

Initiation teams have a mailbox at NTR and the code is 3024.


Please remember that if you are fundraising you must acquire the appropriate gaming license for your activities.  I know that “booze baskets” are popular but they are NOT a LEGAL form of gaming.  BC Gaming provides LMHA $100,000 each year in a grant, teams that choose to participate in unsanctioned fundraising such as a booze basket put that $100,000 at risk.  Teams are eligible for Class D licenses and details are here.  Several years ago a Minor Hockey Association lost their gaming grant due to the actions of one team and their fundraising choices.  Please do not put our gaming grant at risk, the consequences of that will be having to increase our registration fees to cover that loss.

Some managers have asked about 50/50 at the Vancouver Giants, teams are not eligible to participate in these and an explanation is available here.

PCAHA Mangers Handout PDF

The PCAHA Managers Handbook has not been updated on their website but there is a PDF version on the manager page of our website under Manuals and Guidelines.  I highly recommend reading the three documents, there is important information in them.

Photo Day

Photo Day is October 15th and will take place in the lobby of GPRC.  Please arrive dressed and with plenty of time to get the team organized prior to your time slot.  Also note, the photographer uses a green screen so in particular green laces need to be covered but any green on sticks etc should also be covered.

PSWD–> dr1015gp

There will be a retake day TBD, we will send out details when that date is picked.

Breast Cancer Awareness

At the manager meeting, a suggestion was given that as many of our teams show support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Suggestions included pink tape and laces but let the team get creative.  Share your story and pictures with us – there is a link on the home page of our website.  We will also submit stories to BC Hockey for their newsletter.

Still have questions?


Your first point of contact should always be your Division manager.  Reach out to them, remembering they are also volunteers but will help you as quickly as they can.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,