IMPORTANT follow up information regarding CROSS ICE

To: All initiation Team Staff and Families

Cc: LMHA Executive

As follow up to our previous email regarding compliance with the cross ice format, we wanted everyone to be aware of the latest communication received today from BC Hockey.  

The LMHA Executive ask that you please read the two attached memos outlining the disciplinary measures that we, as an Association, may be subject to if any further teams are found not using the mandated cross-ice format.  The measures are severe and could impact the entire Association.  If LMHA has three infractions, the upcoming Jordan Owen’s tournament will be cancelled.  Four infractions would result in no team in the entire association being allowed to participate in any tournament for the remainder of this season.  Five infractions would mean that our teams will not participate in the Provincial playoffs.  We currently have several teams with the chance to represent our Association and Community at Provincials this year – to not be able to attend would be a huge loss.  

We feel that after our previous email about Cross Ice Hockey, there has been an improvement in compliance, however with these significant disciplinary measures being taken by BC Hockey we felt it imperative we share the information with you.   Please reach out to us if you need any clarification.

Cross Ice Violation ProceduresProcedures for Addressing Allegations of Complaints for Cross – Ice Violations

Procedures for Addressing Allegations of Complaints for Cross – Ice Violations