Clarification on Vancouver Giants and 50/50 nights

To:  LMHA Managers

cc:  LMHA Executive

Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a minute and email you all regarding the Vancouver Giants and running 50/50 nights with them.

There are two types of gaming licenses for running a 50/50.  Class B and Class D.  Class D licensesare what teams can take out if you wish to run a 50/50.  These have a maximum profit amount of $500 for the 50/50.  For doing a Rivermen night or a 50/50 at an LMHA game, these are perfect.  For the Giants, the 50/50 winnings are obviously much larger.  For more than $500 a Class B license is needed and only Associations can take out this kind of license.  The profit from a Class B license must go into the LMHA gaming account and then be spent on items such as ice, jersey’s, equipment etc – things that will benefit the entire Association.  We have found that since teams do not get to keep the 50/50 profit, there is not a lot of interest in providing volunteers to run the 50/50.   In addition, in order to have a 50/50 night with the Giants, there is a requirement to sell a minimum of several hundred tickets for that night on order to qualify to keep any of the profits.

For these reasons, LMHA has decided against participating in Vancouver Giant 50/50 nights.  I know many teams have expressed disappointment in that decision but hopefully by providing this explanation our teams can understand why this decision was made.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please let us know!