Equipment Returns

Hi teams,
This season I am only having 2 return dates. Please make sure to collect, clean and repair all jerseys before the final date. See below for instructions. The instructions are for my convenience, please help me out and follow these as best you can.
April 3RD 2016 @ 9:30-1:30pm GPRC equipment room
April 10TH 2016 @ 10:00-1:00pm GPRC equipment room
I hope you all had a great season and have met new friends. Sadly it’s time to start thinking about closing out the year and returning jersey’s. Please follow my requests below on how to have your jersey’s prepared so it makes the return process easier for me.
There are two options for cleaning, do it yourself or have the cleaning place mentioned below do it for you at LMHA rates. Either way is acceptable but make sure jersey’s are clean, dry and rip or hole free upon return. I always request that jersey’s be returned on metal hangers, this is for storage and ease of handling, please help me out with this request. Jersey’s should be separated blacks and whites and sorted numerically, for ease of checking jersey’s. Please tie together Darks and whites separately. Remove any alterations, name bars and A’s and C’s. Must be returned as full sets, 40 jersey’s for Atom and above and 30 for initiation sets. If a jersey is missing the deposit will be cashed and no refunds issued if it comes back later, so be sure to bring all jersey’s in at the same time.
Any questions or concerns please email Ross Murdoch at
:::::See check list below::::
  • Jersey’s washed and dry
  • Jersey’s all rips and cuts repaired
  • Jersey’s on metal hangers
  • Jersey’s separated and tied together Home and Away
  • Jersey’s sorted numerically
  • Remove any alterations, name bars and A’s and C’s
  • Return full sets only please,
The Drycleaner below has LMHA pricing, they are very reasonable for repairs and cleaning. They have offered a cleaning and repair price of $200.00 for rips and tears, and cleaning of team sets (40 jersey’s) If you use this service make sure your jersey’s are on hangers or there will be an extra charge.
Westpark Dry Cleaners
Address: 20349 88 Ave #8, Langley, BC V1M 2K4
Thank you, please forward any questions or concerns onto my equipment@langleyminorhockey.caemail.
Ross Murdoch
LMHA Equipment Manager