Important Information regarding Fundraising Activities

Attention LMHA Managers

As team fundraising is getting underway LMHA wanted to remind each team of what gaming regulations teams must follow when participating in fundraising activities.   LMHA has received a gaming grant of $100,000 annually for many years.  Teams that do not follow the proper gaming procedures are putting that grant in jeopardy.

Individual Sports Teams are eligible to apply for a Class D license which allows you to raise a maximum of $5,000 in gross revenue.    There is a maximum of $500 value for each prize and alcohol CAN NOT be a prize.  Full Details are available here:   Please read the information carefully before proceedig with your fundraising activity.

BC Gaming has also provided us with the attached document that is specific to Sports Teams.

It is important for teams to remember that it is the TEAM not LMHA that is doing the fundraising.  You must provide team information when obtaining your license and promoting your fundraiser.  Please do not promote events as being on behalf of LMHA.

If you have any questions, please email

Class B-D instructions for Sports Teams